Mankind created weak

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Transliteration: Yureed Allahu an’i yukhaffifu a’nkum, wa khuliqal insaana dh’aeefa.

Translation: Allah intends to lighten your burdens for mankind was created weak.


Canvas size: 8 in x 10 in

A peacock feather is a symbol of exquisiteness and fragility similar to mankind. The border and the feather are textured which enhances the ambience where its put. The colour contrast is amazing. The writing background has shades of that of the feather: golden, metallic green, blue, purple and white. Sealer coat is used to retain the colours and for the protection of the canvas.

This decor will be a reminder that limitations put by our deen are actually a mercy from Allah (swt). And that, He intends ease for His beloved creation. Mankind needs to humble itself by acknowledging its weak nature. We need our Creator to guide and sustain us.



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