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Dua for Blessings in Rizq

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Canvas Size: 28 cm x 35.5 cm (11 in x 14 in)


Leaving House Dua

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“I depart with Allah’s name, relying on Him. It is Allah who saves us from sins with His guidance (the ability to do so).” (Tirmidhi)
It is stated in the hadith that if a person recites the above dua and departs then there is an (unseen) procalamation that his need will be fullfilled and that he will be protected from any harm or injury. On hearing this dua, the Satan goes away from the place and refrains from troubling the reciting person.

Sadaqah Jar


“All good deeds are sadaqah.” [Hadith]

Transliteration: Kullu ma’roofin sadaqah.

Alternate quotes:

  • My Sadaqah Jar (on the back side)
  • Sadaqah wipes sins like water extinguishes fire. [Hadith]
  • And spend in charity that is better for yourselves. [Surah At-Taghabun:64]
  •  If you lend to Allah a goodly loan (i.e. spend in Allah’s Cause) He will double it for you, and will forgive you. And Allah is Most Ready to appreciate and to reward, Most Forbearing. [Surah At-Taghabun:17]
  • Let a man of wealth spend from his wealth…[Surah At-Talaq: 7]